Moritech Robot offers 2, 3 and 5 axis servo robots aiming plastic injection sector, which are controlled by user-friendly touch-screen HMI device.

As Moritech Robot we set standards for maximum efficiency and we provide the most economical solutions based on your requirements. We conduct all turnkey servo robot projects from the beginning to the end. At the same time, we enable our customers make most out of the servo robots with after sales services we provide.

  • Easy Operation

    Control panel with touch-screen property enable easy operation via simple and intuitive interface

  • Flexible Structure

    Wide application areas, vertical axis option custom for low ceilings, extendable robotic system, problem-free integration with any injection machine brand

  • Efficient Production

    Bi-mutual motion construction in all axis, servo robotic systems providing energy efficiency with their lightweight design and rigid construction…

  • Stable Structure

    Compact and hookable control panel, easy-to-operate, easy-to-maintain, high positioning accuracy, steel chassis



While robot utilization enable reduction of production defects to minimum levels, it allows a constant and planned daily production capacity regardless of the operator. Robots also prevent damage caused by physical contact of molds on products. Furthermore, robot employment ensures effective measures of work safety.



  • Exploration & Investigation

    We develop custom solutions specific to your needs as a result of our investigation at your production plant. The ideal solution towards your machine, product and molds.

  • Correct Robot Preference

    While a robot specific to your production machine parkour is being selected, mold/product geometry, machine plant layout and ceiling/crane heights are considered and the optimal robot will be identified.

  • Automation System

    Based on your expectations and needs, we will determine and accomplish the most suitable system in terms of maximum production efficiency and minimum energy consumption among our alternative solutions.

  • Robot Manufacturing

    We present immediate solutions to demand via stock robots. However, in case of need for a robot with custom dimensions and standards, we realize custom design and production in the shortest term.

  • Quick Installation

    We deliver the custom robot in a very short term and install turnkey after completion of necessary tests and trials on your machine.

  • Operation Training

    We meticulously train operators for ease of adaptation after installation. Whenever needed, we are always beside you with our support team.



As Moritech Robot, we develop custom solutions towards businesses from various sectors such as Packaging, Automotive, Home Appliances, Plastic Households, and Electrics/Electronics.

Go through our custom solutions for other sectors!

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